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Con-grads Tim and Liz

December 18, 2009

Tim and Liz got married today at the Provo temple, I just want to wish them the best luck in their future.


Year Review Part 3

December 17, 2009

Here is part 3 of the series.











Year Review Part 2

December 16, 2009

Here is the second part of my year review.









2009 Year Review

December 15, 2009

Its that time of year folks, review time.  It is important for us all to think about this year and what went well and how we can improve things for next year.  This is important for everyone not just photographers or business owners, but just the average joe can also benefit from looking back on the year.

This year I was able to accomplish many things.  I shot my first Seniors, Engagements, Bridals, and Family Portraits.  I did a lot for my business, I created this wonderful website, business cards, and have networked with many local photographers.

Anyway on to the pictures.  This will be a multiple post series.  I will be posting 1-3 pics from each session that I did.  Starting with the most recent.
More Tomorrow






Temple Square

December 13, 2009

On Friday I went up to Temple Square in Salt Lake City.  The lights up there are very gorgeous.  I didn’t have a lot of times to get some shots but I was able to snap a few.
You can purchase prints of these photos and many others at

SLC Temple-1

SLC Temple-2

SLC Temple-3

SLC Temple-4

SLC Temple-5

I recently  joined a image hosting site and now I am able to offer prints with online fulfillment.  One new feature of the website includes coupons.  To celebrate my choice to join this hosting site I have decided to offer 20% off Landscape/Nature prints.  So here is the dealio, visit one of the two links that I have posted, and in the galleries pick some pictures that you would like to print, when it comes to purchasing part at the end it will ask for  any coupon codes,  just type in the code TorBangLandscapes.  Simple as pushing the shutter button.

I found this article on the International Society of professional wedding photographers blog.  You can read more at

Here is the article summed up.
Myth #1  “I need to provide a list of wedding photos for my photographer to shoot throughout the day”
Myth #2 “Wedding photojournalists don’t take formal portraits”
Myth #3  “It’s better to have two mediocre/inexpensive photographers than one excellent/expensive photographer”
Myth #4 “You can’t get any good pictures on a rainy day”
Myth #5 “I’m having my wedding pictures taken for free by Uncle Bob because he just bought an expensive camera. I’m sure it’ll be fine.”


Slow moving water

December 7, 2009

You know I am a sucker for moving water shots.  Here we are again at AF Canyon.  It was really cool to see ice in the river.


On Saturday I went up to AF Canyon to shoot some family pictures.  We had lots of fun.  Great colors you know.

Another Awesome Sunset

December 6, 2009

Today while coming out of AF canyon a caught this awesome sunset.  Busted out the lensbaby again.