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The other day it was my day off at work, and I was just sitting around really doing nothing. My friend randomly called me and said we should go take some pics. So I was like what the heck it sounds fun. So we went to my studio and took some pics. She brought her camera too so I taught her how to use it and she took a few pics of me too. I also busted out some fun props that I hadn’t used before.

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Here are the pics enjoy.

Here is one she took of me.

PC Parking Garage

May 23, 2010

This month for Provo Creative meetup we went to a parking garage. The weather was kind of lame, it was a little rainy and cold. But we still got some great photos. There were also some cool brick walls near by. Thanks a bunch girls and Pete.

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May 18, 2010

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You may think that you have to go to super far way exotic locations to get great pictures, but the truth is you can find great stuff in your own “backyard”. I was exploring around Eagle Mountain where I live and came across some great locations. I found these really cool looking pipes.

I also found this abandoned mink farm that was pretty awesome.

Moral of the story look around and you’ll find something cool.

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