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Last week before I went on holiday to Oregon I shot a fun session at the Utah County Co-op.  Jantzen had this fun idea to do a color series with crazy makeup and awesome accessories, so we went out and shot it.

Here is the pics


Oregon Holiday

June 28, 2011

Last week I went of spontaneous holiday to oregon.  On tuesday my friends Amanda and Blake of Campbell Photography, posted on Tuesday afternoon on FB if anyone wanted to come with them to oregon to shoot a wedding and I was like Heck yes what else am I going to do.  We left so early on Thursday morning like 530 early oh snap.  We got to Portland at about 5ish.  We did some totally awesome thing while were were there, like visit the cheese factory, go to cannon beach not nikon beach, visit a fish hatchery, saw a crazy waterfall, and of course shoot a wedding.

Here are some totally awesome pics from the trip.

So the other day Tom asked me to write a totally awesome blog post for his blog thingy, I was like I have lots of mad writing skill and I am full of wisdom and whit, so I was like for sure I’ll do it.  Now in all reality I am not the skilled at this crazy writing thing but I will do my best to share my wisdom and whit.

Lets list a bunch of things that models need to think about before doing a shoots, These things include, comunicating with the photog, wardrobe, makeup, hair, theme, use of pics,  who is going to come be your escort, do you even need an escort, confidence, facial expressions, mad posing skills, what type of model release is the photog going to have, location,  and how are you going to get to the shoot.

Lets go over a few of these things quickly. I’ll address some of the other things later, Today I want to go over Hair and Makeup, Wardrobe, and the purpose of the shoot.

First I want to address Hair and Makeup.  I am no MUA (Makeup Artist)  I really have no idea what looks uber legit and totally awesome, so I leave that up to qualified Makeup Professionals.  These peps can do wonder for a shoot.  They can really help get the look that you and the photog are going for.  Hair is same kind of deal if you want something super totally awesome I would find a hair stylist for sure. Often you can do your own, but if you want it to look uber awesome I would use a MUA and a Hairstylist.

Ok lets go over wardrobe.  How are you going to acquire the clothes, is it something you already have, are you going to borrow something from a friend, are you going to go on a shopping spree (everyone loves shopping), or is the photographer going to provide some for you.  This may be obvious but maybe not for some, make sure all of your clothing goes well together, its washed and free of wrinkles.  Pay attention to shoes some times those are over looked, they can be a very nice accessory. Make sure not to go over board with too many accessories like five million necklaces and three billion rings, a couple of rings and one necklace is good.  Some times its fun to look at thrift store to get crazy clothes.

Now lets talk about the purpose of the shoot.  What are the images going to be used for, is it just a portfolio builder for you or the photographer, are the going to be used in stock images, are they doing a crazy magazine shoot for Vogue or something like that, is it going to be used in a fine art gallery, or are you just bored and like taking photos.  When thinking about the purpose of the use it is important think about compensation (what you are getting paid).

Well I hope this helps

T Bang

TorBang Photography

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Update: second place winner will get 50% off my regular session fees

From now to july 9th 2011 I will be running a contest on my Facebook page.  I will be giving away a one hr mini photo session.  This shoot could be use for any kind of shoot you want, do you need senior portraits, do you want to get some photos for modeling portfolio, need some fun couple photos, or just just pain love your photo being taken. This contest is for you.

Here is how the contest works,

1. Like TorBang Photography, and Jantzen the Makeup aritst on Facebook.
2. Post a pic of yourself on the wall of Torbang Photography  and in the caption write why you want to do a shoot
3. Get as many likes on the photo as you can before july 9th 2011 at 11:59 pm.
4. But this in your Facebook status, “Win a 1hr mini photo session from TorBang Photography with make up provied by Jantzen Rees, go here for full details

The person with the most likes wins.

Simple as that, just make sure to have it all done by july 9th 2011 by 11:59pm

The winners will be announced on Monday July 11th 2011.

The winner will have a choice of open dates in July and August 2011.  The location must be in Utah County, or you can give me some gas monies to go out of utah county.  The winner will receive 20-30 images to use for any personal use. Makeup will be provided by Jantzen


Last week I shoot one of my high school friends wedding.  It was a fun little wedding in Payson, UT.  We shot at Memorial Park, Payson Bible Church and a meautiful yard in Santaquin.

See the whole wedding gallery here

The Ceremony and Reception was held at the beautiful Payson Bible Church


Last week I shoot one of my high school friends wedding.  It was a fun little wedding in Payson, UT.  We shot at Memorial Park, Payson Bible Church and a meautiful yard in Santaquin.

See the whole wedding galler here

We started at Memorial Park with the bride and her brides maids

After the girls left we brought in the boys.


Yesterday I got together with some actors and some other photographers and busted out some totally awesome head shots.
I would really like to thank Shaun Mitchell of Oakhill Studios showing me the ropes of head shots.
I would also like to thank Sue Rowe of Sue Rowe Studios in Kaysville for putting this together.

Head shots are all about the eyes. The eyes are what really bring the viewer in. So make sure your eyes are legit, haha.
With my head shots I like to have real emotion not a face cheesy smile, but capture the true essence of the person.
It also matters what you are using the head shot for, are you an actor who is wanting a more dramatic feel, or a commercial type fun really open look?

Let me know if you are in need of head shots and I can hook you up.

Well here are some of the shots I got.

This one of Sue isn’t really a head shot just a fun one we wanted to do


Lately I have been shooting at this fun abandoned house.  It is super cool and full of graffiti and stuff.  This last session we did was a maternity session.  Kitty is 6 months along so we might do another one down the road.  We had a lot of fun, we even ran to Harmon’s to satisfy her cookie cravings haha.

I have been to this place a few times before and have never seen another person, but today we saw some random kids there.  Kitty asked them “hey are you guys smoking” and they looked at each other and ran away it was pretty funny.

Anyway here are some of the pics.