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Jennifer in Wonderland

August 21, 2011

I have been wanting to do an Alice in Wonderland shoot since last winter and just got around to doing it recently. I asked my Jennifer Hale to model for it, she was super excited for this project.  I knew I kind of wanted it to be more like my other Tim Burton like projects, with that kind of little darker feel. We were very fortunate to find a very talent makeup artist to help us, Erika Esponiza. She really helped us get the vision Jennifer and I were looking for. I would also like to thank Ryan Romeike for let us shoot at his studio.

I really enjoy doing these more conceptual shoots, if you have any crazy ideas you would like to do, let me know.

Here are the pics.


I bet you all have been wondering what I have been up to.  Well some times it hard to remember what I have done.

I have been doing a lot product like photography for my  new adventure with outdoor gear reviews. Mainly shoes so far but I hope to start reviewing lots of different things like stoves to sleeping bags.

I have also shot photographs of people because I like people.

I did a fun shoot with Kailialee and her mum Angel.  Oh and you know these girls are wearing tube tops you know.

Shot another studio session

I went to a photographer/model meetup, those are always fun.

I did a fun session up Payson Canyon

I shot Black and White a fun event

Thats the highlights I probably missed something but you can always see the most current  stuff on the links below