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Different Processing

December 28, 2009

With things slowing down, I have gone back to some older photos and have messed around with different processing.  Here is the result of what I have done today.
Please comment on what you think about it.


Lensbaby came

December 3, 2009

So my lens baby came today.  Here is a shot I took at Ikea today.  I love the soft focus and distorted look that it gives.  Lensbaby + mad skill = awesomeness.


Shells and the Rock

November 30, 2009

Here is a totally awesome picture for the Texan sea shore.  I put these shell on top of this totally awesome rock I saw that I like.  Really cool place for sure.


While I was venturing in TX I saw a frickin crazy rolls royce.  I had never seen a rolls before in real life.  I was only able to grab a few shots of the hood ornament.


Gnarly Door Handle Texas

November 25, 2009

Here is a totally awesome gnarly door handle.  This was on a old ford truck from the early 1900s. This was at taken at a crazy awesome ice cream factory that my crazy mother said I should work at.  


Photo of the day 11/24/09

November 24, 2009

Here is a photo from my trip to texas.  My sister liked it the most out of the ones I took today.


You may think it takes mad skill to get the most awesome night shot.  Often it does, but with some practice and after reading about my mad skills it will be a breeze.

Some Tips to get the best shots ever

1. Have a sturdy tripod.
Having a nice sturdy tripod can make or break a shoot.  These things are absolutely vital  especially for long exposures.

2. Use the lowest ISO possible
When we use the lowest ISO that you can get away with then we will have less grain, which i like

3. Use bulb mode
Bulb mode is a crazy mode.  You press the shutter release and it stays open until you let go.  For using this I like to use a remote so I can lock it down for really long exposures.  It takes a little practice but you can get it down

4. Go somewhere crazy dark
If you go where it is crazy dark then you will not have as much light pollution.  It is also good to shoot during the new moon.

5. Dress Warm
It gets crazy cold at night you know bring more than you think you will need and you can always take off a layer.


Making Great Sunsets

November 22, 2009

It takes mad skills and great thought to make a totally awesome sunset.  Well, not really if you follow the following advise you will be able to get great sunsets.

1. Under Expose
Doing this will bring out more color and making it look just amazing

2. Find something interesting to place in your sunset
Composing your picture with a gnarly tree  or a cool windmill

3. Saturate Color
If it i needs a little more color feel free to saturate it.


Local Events and Your Camera

November 21, 2009

It is really fun to go to volunteer at local events and take pictures.  Here is a teaser of a shot that I got at a powwow I was at yesterday.

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Making your colors pop

November 19, 2009

When taking colorful landscapes it is really important to make your color “pop.”   There are a lot of different definitions for “pop” but in my mind when it pops it pretty much blows your eyes like craziness.  Here is an example of my crazy colors.  To get these mad results I went into the curves and made a S figure curve and then adjusted the vibrance.  When you get you color right your pictures will be just grand.

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