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Here are ten quick tips to take better photos. I gave these tips on a radio show Celebrating Women on Ktalk 630 am. 

1. Don’t back light your subject
2. Turn off the flash if you subject is far away
3. Fill the frame with your subject
4. The best light is near sunrise and sunset, the harshest light is at close to noon
5. Don’t place your subject in the center, use the rule of thirds
6. Try different and unusual angles
7. Get to eye level of your subject, if shooting small kids get down to their level, if shooting tall basketball players get a stepping ladder
8. When taking pictures try to get your subject show true emotion by making them laugh or just backing off and taking candid’s
9. Hold your camera steady
10. Bring extra batteries and memory cards

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Lowepro Pro Trekker 300

March 20, 2012

I recently received this new photo backpack to test.  I have been wanting to try a larger backpack with more support.  I have been using a small sling bag and feel like I wasn’t able to carry all of my equipment.  I have really liked this pack, I have only used it for about a week so far but have gotten a fair amount of use out of use out of it.

Here are some of the features of this great pack.

  • Super adjustable 10 points of adjustment
  • Holds a pro body with 4-5 lenses
  • Holds up to a 300 mm f/2.8 attached to a body
  • Holds a 15.4 slim laptop
  • A removable top loader
  • A compartment for a hydration bladder
  • Tripod holders
  • Weatherproof zippers
  • All weather rain cover
  • Cord organizer pouch
  • Airline carryon size

Here are all of the things I was able to fit in the pack

  • 5D with grip main body
  • Digital rebel xt
  • 70-200 mm 2.8
  • 28-105 mm 3.5-4.5
  • 70-300 mm 4.0-5.6
  • Lensbaby Composer Pro
  • 430 ex flash
  • YN 560 Flash
  • Small 5 in one reflector
  • 2 Pocketwizards Plus IIs
  • Battery chargers
  • Multiple backup batteries
  • Filters
  • Misc. Cables
  • 13 inch macbook

This bag has been really comfortable. I love how adjustable this pack is, the torso size adjusts just your liking it moves up and down easily.  The shoulder straps and hip belt and super padder feel very comfortable.  It has wonderful support, it feels great on my back.  Last week I went on snowshoeing while it was dumping snow and took this pack on the hike.  I probably did like over 3 miles and it was never overwhelming on my back. The rain cover provided ample protection of the gear.  The zippers of the main compartment are very stiff at first which means they are very durable, but it does take a little bit to get used to.  Using this on some of my portrait sessions has been great. I was able to strap on my light stands and umbrellas to the pack.  Before I had to make multiple trips from the car or carry lots of things at once, but with this bag I was able to get it all done in one trip.  Sometimes it can be difficult to shove the laptop in when the pack is fully loaded but that is not too big of a deal.

After using this pack more intensively I will write a more intensive review.

Here are some more pictures.


So the other day Tom asked me to write a totally awesome blog post for his blog thingy, I was like I have lots of mad writing skill and I am full of wisdom and whit, so I was like for sure I’ll do it.  Now in all reality I am not the skilled at this crazy writing thing but I will do my best to share my wisdom and whit.

Lets list a bunch of things that models need to think about before doing a shoots, These things include, comunicating with the photog, wardrobe, makeup, hair, theme, use of pics,  who is going to come be your escort, do you even need an escort, confidence, facial expressions, mad posing skills, what type of model release is the photog going to have, location,  and how are you going to get to the shoot.

Lets go over a few of these things quickly. I’ll address some of the other things later, Today I want to go over Hair and Makeup, Wardrobe, and the purpose of the shoot.

First I want to address Hair and Makeup.  I am no MUA (Makeup Artist)  I really have no idea what looks uber legit and totally awesome, so I leave that up to qualified Makeup Professionals.  These peps can do wonder for a shoot.  They can really help get the look that you and the photog are going for.  Hair is same kind of deal if you want something super totally awesome I would find a hair stylist for sure. Often you can do your own, but if you want it to look uber awesome I would use a MUA and a Hairstylist.

Ok lets go over wardrobe.  How are you going to acquire the clothes, is it something you already have, are you going to borrow something from a friend, are you going to go on a shopping spree (everyone loves shopping), or is the photographer going to provide some for you.  This may be obvious but maybe not for some, make sure all of your clothing goes well together, its washed and free of wrinkles.  Pay attention to shoes some times those are over looked, they can be a very nice accessory. Make sure not to go over board with too many accessories like five million necklaces and three billion rings, a couple of rings and one necklace is good.  Some times its fun to look at thrift store to get crazy clothes.

Now lets talk about the purpose of the shoot.  What are the images going to be used for, is it just a portfolio builder for you or the photographer, are the going to be used in stock images, are they doing a crazy magazine shoot for Vogue or something like that, is it going to be used in a fine art gallery, or are you just bored and like taking photos.  When thinking about the purpose of the use it is important think about compensation (what you are getting paid).

Well I hope this helps

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Your Great

April 21, 2011

I just love this short film. Its like 16mins long but you should watch it all its great.  I found this on FB shared by one of my friends.


Capturing Lightning

August 5, 2010

Shooting lightning can seem very daunting at times, but with the right equipment and technique it easy.

DSLR with a bulb setting  this is somethings its own setting, like on my 5d, on its in the manual setting like my xt rebel.
Sturdy Tripiod
Remote Shutter Release .  You don’t have to use the name brand one, I bought mine of ebay for like $8
When Raining
A Rain Sleeve for the camera
Rain gear for your self


First off understand bulb mode.
Bulb mode is where the shutter is open as long as you are holding the shutter release and you choose the aperture.
When selecting an aperture pay attention to how close the lightning is.  The further way the lightning the bigger the aperture you wan, the closer it is a smaller aperture you want.  I usually just start at f/4 then adjust from there.  After you set the aperture press in the shutter release and lock it until you see lightning, after lightning is finished release it.  Now this is where you are going to have to be patient it may take some time but you will capture a good one.  If you don’t see any lightning for like a minute or so just release it and try again.

If you dont have a remote it’s possible to do it with out but defiantly harder .  Just set in on manual. But on a long shutter speed like 15″ or 30″ and close down that aperture. Just keep shooting until you capture something.

Make sure to pay attention to your surroundings, the lightning is not the whole pic.
Which one is more interesting the one by the house or the one with reflection in the water? 

Hope you have fun trying this out and be safe. 


July 25, 2010

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You may think that you have to go to super far way exotic locations to get great pictures, but the truth is you can find great stuff in your own “backyard”. I was exploring around Eagle Mountain where I live and came across some great locations. I found these really cool looking pipes.

I also found this abandoned mink farm that was pretty awesome.

Moral of the story look around and you’ll find something cool.

More Images here.

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Smugmug Pro

March 11, 2010

This blog is my review about Smugmug an image hosting site. Here is a link to my smugmug here .

Features that I love.
1. Easy of Use
2. Ease of Customization
3. Watermarking
4. Unlimited Photos, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Bandwith, pretty much unlimited everything
5. Printing directly from BayPhoto
6. Not having to deal with print orders.
7. Awesome customer support.
8. Smugs Smugmug Member User Grougs.

The customization of smugmug is not super hard especially with their easy customizer thing. I did most of my customizing with that. Also if you want to do some advanced customizing you can get help in their forums.

The customer support is super awesome really great stuff. They don’t have phone support, they do it all by email, though you get an email back super fast like in an hour or two, rather then a day. All my questions have been answered promptly. Just asked a question now.

The SMUGs are super awesome. This has given me a place to meet a lot of cool photographers and network. We have lots of fun at our SMUGs. You can find more about them at

You should try Smugmug for sure. They have three different levels so something useable for everyone. If you use this code at checkout you can get $5 off, I8V1zNnjMEGD6.

Doing New Things

January 25, 2010

Today I saw a random quote, “Don’t be afraid to do new things, Amateurs built the ark, professionals built the Titanic” This made me think about things. I am fairly open to trying new things, especially when I come to photography. I feel that one of the best ways to learn is just to jump into it. Last week I tried using off camera lighting for the one of the first times. When you are trying new things it is great to find mentors to help you through your endeavors. When you have knowledge it is also important for you share it.
So get out there and try something new.

Photo Articles

January 12, 2010

Every Day or so on my Personal Blog I post Photo articles that I have found.
Check it out.

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