You have always a makeover haven’t you?  Well thanks to Alisha Lee Miss UVU, TorBang Photography, and Lauren Paige Makeup Artistry. You can receive a mini makeover and mini photo shoot.  So how do I win this you are asking your self?  Well do these three easy steps and you will be entered to win.

First like all three of our pages TorBang, Miss UVU, Lauren Paige Makeup Artistry 

Second post a picture of you on Miss UVU’s FB Page and in the description write why you think you are a strong person/character and then write why you deserve a make over and a photo shoot.

Third get all your friends to like your picture.  Person with the most likes wins.

The person with the most likes on Feb 5th 2012 at 11:59 pm will receive the makeover/photo shoot.

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