Last month I picked up an old school Mamiya 645. This thing is a beast tell you what. Its pretty totally awesome. It uses medium format film and creates amazing images. I recently sent in a bunch of rolls off to the lab to get processed and got some scans back today. They turned out amazing.

Here are a few of my faves. Remember these have no editing to them, they come out amazing straight out of camera.

Here is a quote from Norman Jean Roy I read recently, “When you shoot film, you don’t have the luxury of seeing every single image coming out. And because of that, you stay very focused. Everything [becomes] hyperreal, so when you get it, you get it another time, and another time after that just to make sure you got it. As a result, you have a much better version of, I think, the moment. That’s much more real, honest, and broken, too. Part of a perfect image is that it is imperfect. With digital photography, it’s very easy to perfect the image. You kill the image when you perfect it. You basically suck the life out of it. An image, to me, lives when you can look at it and it’s just slightly off. Like, when you put a primary red and primary green together, you have that vibrancy between the two. A great photograph, not a great picture, needs to have that vibration. It would be very easy to take any one of my photographs and I can tell you where I could have fixed this and fixed that.”

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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