Yesterday I got together with some actors and some other photographers and busted out some totally awesome head shots.
I would really like to thank Shaun Mitchell of Oakhill Studios showing me the ropes of head shots.
I would also like to thank Sue Rowe of Sue Rowe Studios in Kaysville for putting this together.

Head shots are all about the eyes. The eyes are what really bring the viewer in. So make sure your eyes are legit, haha.
With my head shots I like to have real emotion not a face cheesy smile, but capture the true essence of the person.
It also matters what you are using the head shot for, are you an actor who is wanting a more dramatic feel, or a commercial type fun really open look?

Let me know if you are in need of head shots and I can hook you up.

Well here are some of the shots I got.

This one of Sue isn’t really a head shot just a fun one we wanted to do


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