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Deanna and the snow

December 8, 2012

The other day Deanna and I went on the search for snow. We decided to go up to the canyon and try to find something there.  We had to go up really far up the canyon to find snow, who would have thought there wouldnt be very much snow in december. We found some up in Aspen Grove.

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Oregon Holiday

June 28, 2011

Last week I went of spontaneous holiday to oregon.  On tuesday my friends Amanda and Blake of Campbell Photography, posted on Tuesday afternoon on FB if anyone wanted to come with them to oregon to shoot a wedding and I was like Heck yes what else am I going to do.  We left so early on Thursday morning like 530 early oh snap.  We got to Portland at about 5ish.  We did some totally awesome thing while were were there, like visit the cheese factory, go to cannon beach not nikon beach, visit a fish hatchery, saw a crazy waterfall, and of course shoot a wedding.

Here are some totally awesome pics from the trip.