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New Project for 2010

January 6, 2010

Each Wednesday Ill be posting a lensbaby pic on my personal blog.  Should be really cool.  Here is one from 2009.


AF Canyon Visit

December 5, 2009

Yesterday I went scouting up AF Canyon for some family picture that I am taking.  The canyon looks so different when frozen.  It was super cold a whooping 24°.  I busted out the lens baby again.  I love to look it creates, and of course got some normal lens shots too.


Lensbaby came

December 3, 2009

So my lens baby came today.  Here is a shot I took at Ikea today.  I love the soft focus and distorted look that it gives.  Lensbaby + mad skill = awesomeness.



December 2, 2009

On tuesday I bought a lensbaby.  It should come any day now. If you don’t know what a lensbaby is well you should find out for sure.  A lensbaby is a crazy awesome lens that you can create weird effects with.  I have used one in the past and decided to pick up another.