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Adventures in the Snow

December 30, 2012

I shot this with one of my favorite models Hailey. She is so fabulous to work with, I just heart her so much.

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Spontaneous Holiday Shoot

December 3, 2012

Did this shoot yesterday at the Riverwoods in Provo.  It was super rainy for most of the time but we had some fun adventures.

Aren’t these girls the cutest ever?

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Spring Engagement Special

April 19, 2012

Spring is such a wonderful time to get engaged isn’t it.  There are flowers blooming and wonderful colors starting to show.  The temperature is starting to warm up and be really nice. For the rest of April and May I am running a Special on Engagement Sessions.

Here is the details

  • 2 hour shoot
  • Your choice of location in Utah County (available to go to Salt Lake County for a little gas money)
  • FB ready files
  • and just the best times ever.
  • all of this just for $100 ( I know its a super sweet deal, right?)

Here is what some people have said about working with me,

Rachel McCash
Working with Torsten Bangerter was so much fun! It was freezing cold but definitely worth it! I had a concept idea of what I was going for and showed him some pictures and he definitely met my expectations and more! I would work with him again for sure and would highly recommend his talents. I especially liked how he gave suggestions and told me when something was working well and looked good. That always helps keep the creativity and energy high despite the freezing temperatures we were working in. I also like the “funky” lens he used that I had not seen before with other photographers I’ve worked with. That creative choice made a great addition to my portfolio and I’m excited to see his career progress as time goes on. I’m definitely a fan for life!

Heather D-
Torsten is a great photographer, and so fun to work with. He makes the shoot so relaxed and enjoyable. He is professional, and so nice- the guy made me hot chocolate while we were shooting in the snow! One of my favorite shoots.

Torsten is SO much fun to work with! He’s very easy going and relaxed. Knows how to get the right look every time. I feel very comfortable shooting with Torsten. This guy is LEGIT!! :)

Torsten is such a sweet, easy going photographer and friend. He was willing to get to know me as a person and was so much fun to work with!  I would definitely refer any model to Torsten and would feel safe knowing that they are in good hands.

Jennifer Hale-
I’m so glad we had the opportunity to work together, Torsten! Your personality created a great and comfortable atmosphere to work in. Thanks!

I had so much fun working with you, you are very talented

What are you waiting for contact me now and lets get this done.
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Next Saturday December 10th I’ll be doing a Family Holiday Picture Marathon in a studio.  This is a great opportunity to come get some new family pictures at a great deal.

Here is what you get for $75 for families and $50 for people that just want to do an individual shoot

  • 30 mins session in the studio
  • 10×15 or an 11×14 print or a box of 20 christmas cards
  • up to 6 people

Contact me soon to book your time slot.  I will be there 9am-3pm on December 10th


Today I shoot Erin. Oh snap she is a lot of fun.  We but some Benny Benassi on a pandora station and just had a blast. We both we just dancing our butts off haha.  It was like the second shoot she had ever done and did great.  I just loved her attitude and demeanor (is that the correct usage).  But we just had some totally legit times OMG for fricken real.  Anyway I heart her face.

Here is what she had to say about our session today,
“So did my first studio photo shoot with Torsten Bangerter today and let me just say…LOVED IT!!! The second I walk in the door he was right there saying hello and making me feel welcome and at home. Not only is he a great photographer, but he is sooo chill and a super fun guy. He is easy to talk to and easy to get along with. He even danced right along with me to the music we were playing haha. He gave his input but also asked for my ideas and let me experiment with different poses and helped me get them right. He was 100% helpful. Im so glad that he was so kind and willing and patient. I will definitely work with him again if he will let me 😀 ”

Here is what you kids have been waiting for the pic, well here they are.

If any of you are worried she was totally wearing clothes the whole time, OMG why would you even think that.


Last week before I went on holiday to Oregon I shot a fun session at the Utah County Co-op.  Jantzen had this fun idea to do a color series with crazy makeup and awesome accessories, so we went out and shot it.

Here is the pics


Lately I have been shooting at this fun abandoned house.  It is super cool and full of graffiti and stuff.  This last session we did was a maternity session.  Kitty is 6 months along so we might do another one down the road.  We had a lot of fun, we even ran to Harmon’s to satisfy her cookie cravings haha.

I have been to this place a few times before and have never seen another person, but today we saw some random kids there.  Kitty asked them “hey are you guys smoking” and they looked at each other and ran away it was pretty funny.

Anyway here are some of the pics.


Today I had a really fun shoot with my friend Alexa.  As most my shoots usually go I hear like 5 hrs in advance come shoot me haha.  One of her friends writes articles about cars and gets a different one each week.  Well this time he got a new Chevy 2011 Camaro.  So boom there we are with Alexa, I and the Camero.  The Rain was kind of lame most of the day so we weren’t sure how it would go but it let up just for long enough.  I only got like 30 mins with Alexa and the Camaro but I think we got some great pics.


Recently my photographer/model group went to the Orchards at the Utah State Hospital.


I did a great spur of the moment session with Mark and Holly at BYU campus last saturday.  It was a nice day until it started snow lol.  But we finished up just as the snow started.  This location was like a block or two from my house, everyone has great locations near them you just have to look.

Mark and Holly are such a fun couple they go well together.