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Seven Deadly Sins Wrath

June 15, 2012

Here is part six wrath

Model Christina Winn – MUA Keara Wright – Hair Bobby Saddler

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Seven Deadly Sins Envy

June 11, 2012

Here is part four of my seven sins series.

Model Cali Nelson – MUA Lauren Searle – Hair Bobby Saddler

Seven Sins Shoot - Envy - Model Cali Nelson - MUA Lauren Searle - Hair Bobby Saddle

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Here is part three of my seven sins series.

Model Tasha Smedley – MUA Lauren Searle – Hair Destiney Summers e

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Here is the second part in my seven sins series

Model Marta Gray – MUA Keara Wright – Hair Destiney Summers

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I have been pretty busy since my last post. I am leaving for the summer to  go work at a summer camp on Sunday, so I have been just shooting like three times as much as I ever have.  The biggest shoot I did was a seven deadly sins one.  We had seven models, two hair stylists, and two makeup artists.  I was a big day, a 9 hr shoot, but it was all worth it.

For the next few days ill post a couple photos of each one.

Gluttony- Model Gentry Everill – MUA Lauren Searle – Hair Destiney Summers

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