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Casey is a gorgeous mother now having her last child. She wanted to do a shoot a fun shoot with tulle, the glitter got everywhere it was crazy haha.

Here’s the amazing imagery that we created.

Casey-1181-Edit Casey-1188-Edit Casey-1226-Edit Casey-1229 Casey-1241-Edit Casey-1256-EditCasey-1234-Edit Casey-1260-Edit

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Jazmine Headshots

April 23, 2011

The other day I worked my a new model and friend Jazmine.  She wanted to get some fun head shots.  So we jetted over to the studio and busted out some great stuff.

First two the makeup is done in photoshop the second one was pretty crazy just wanted to try something interesting.

The last one the makeup is done by Jazmine.


Eye Color Edits

March 13, 2011

Yesterday I was messing around with some photos and changed some eye colors.

This is what the original eye color looks like

Then I did some crazy vampire like edits haha

Then there I did this really cool purple edit

Then Lastly there is some green


New Model Studio Shoot

August 30, 2010

Last week new aspiring model contacted me to do a shoot.  I always love to see new people getting in to the industry.  It was really fun to work with her.  We shot this in studio and just had great times.

If you are interested in starting your portfolio for a modeling career or just want some fun pics contact me for a quote.


The other day it was my day off at work, and I was just sitting around really doing nothing. My friend randomly called me and said we should go take some pics. So I was like what the heck it sounds fun. So we went to my studio and took some pics. She brought her camera too so I taught her how to use it and she took a few pics of me too. I also busted out some fun props that I hadn’t used before.

See the whole gallery here

Here are the pics enjoy.

Here is one she took of me.

Ron {Utah Photographer}

March 14, 2010

We had a super fun time shooting at the Studio on Saturday. Ron and I got together and we busted out some of Rich’s new props like the cowboy hat and Michael Jackson hat. It was a lot of good times. If you would like some pics of you feel free to holla. Here are some of my favorite.

You can see the complete gallery here,

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My friend and I put in a Studio in his basement.  Its pretty totally awesome.  I will now be able to use it for Seniors, Bridals, Engagements, and whatever.  You can do all your pics there or a mix between there and on location.  Totally Awesome, Right?

See more here.

Here are some pics

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My friend Richard and I put a new studio in his basement. It was just kind of a spur of the moment thing, we just decided to go to pictureline and grab a roll of paper and all just went down hill from there. Here is a shot of the what it looks like.

Here are some shots of Richard.

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