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Here are ten quick tips to take better photos. I gave these tips on a radio show Celebrating Women on Ktalk 630 am. 

1. Don’t back light your subject
2. Turn off the flash if you subject is far away
3. Fill the frame with your subject
4. The best light is near sunrise and sunset, the harshest light is at close to noon
5. Don’t place your subject in the center, use the rule of thirds
6. Try different and unusual angles
7. Get to eye level of your subject, if shooting small kids get down to their level, if shooting tall basketball players get a stepping ladder
8. When taking pictures try to get your subject show true emotion by making them laugh or just backing off and taking candid’s
9. Hold your camera steady
10. Bring extra batteries and memory cards

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Photo Articles

January 12, 2010

Every Day or so on my Personal Blog I post Photo articles that I have found.
Check it out.

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Photoshop Elements for $60

November 29, 2009

For any of you who want to learn to start editing pictures Photoshop Elements is a great way to start.  Until Monday you can get it for $60 which is a great deal.  Its a great program to start on for sure.  Click here for more info

You may think it takes mad skill to get the most awesome night shot.  Often it does, but with some practice and after reading about my mad skills it will be a breeze.

Some Tips to get the best shots ever

1. Have a sturdy tripod.
Having a nice sturdy tripod can make or break a shoot.  These things are absolutely vital  especially for long exposures.

2. Use the lowest ISO possible
When we use the lowest ISO that you can get away with then we will have less grain, which i like

3. Use bulb mode
Bulb mode is a crazy mode.  You press the shutter release and it stays open until you let go.  For using this I like to use a remote so I can lock it down for really long exposures.  It takes a little practice but you can get it down

4. Go somewhere crazy dark
If you go where it is crazy dark then you will not have as much light pollution.  It is also good to shoot during the new moon.

5. Dress Warm
It gets crazy cold at night you know bring more than you think you will need and you can always take off a layer.


Making Great Sunsets

November 22, 2009

It takes mad skills and great thought to make a totally awesome sunset.  Well, not really if you follow the following advise you will be able to get great sunsets.

1. Under Expose
Doing this will bring out more color and making it look just amazing

2. Find something interesting to place in your sunset
Composing your picture with a gnarly tree  or a cool windmill

3. Saturate Color
If it i needs a little more color feel free to saturate it.


Local Events and Your Camera

November 21, 2009

It is really fun to go to volunteer at local events and take pictures.  Here is a teaser of a shot that I got at a powwow I was at yesterday.

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Create an Abstract

November 20, 2009

The other day I was talking to a photographer who said that she was going to be having an exhibit in a gallery sometime soon.  Her booker said that their would be six other artists there and that kind of threw her off.  As we practice photography we need to keep in mind that we are all artists.  Anyways yesterday I went out and decided to make some art.  It was a pretty crazy idea but I decided that it should happen.  My friend and I went to a busy intersection and wanted to get some car streaks.  While we were there I made this image.  I made it by taking a long exposure by holding still for a few sec then rotating the camera like crazy.  As we are making art it is important to look at things differently and sometime make something crazy.  Its lots of fun.

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Making your colors pop

November 19, 2009

When taking colorful landscapes it is really important to make your color “pop.”   There are a lot of different definitions for “pop” but in my mind when it pops it pretty much blows your eyes like craziness.  Here is an example of my crazy colors.  To get these mad results I went into the curves and made a S figure curve and then adjusted the vibrance.  When you get you color right your pictures will be just grand.

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Using props

November 13, 2009

In this photo shot we had a lot of fun.   I had a great idea.  I decided to take their shoes and put them in the foreground and place them in the background.  As we look at all of our resources and utilize them we will be able to get great shots.