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Holi #4

March 29, 2012

Here are some more from Holi, I just had such a good time.

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Holi #3

March 28, 2012

Here are a few more again from the festival of colors.

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Addicted to panos

March 28, 2012

Lately I have been addicted to make panoramas, wether it be cropping one image or merging multiple frames, I just love them.

Here are a couple 10 frame merged panos.

As always let me know if you are interested in some prints.

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Holi #2

March 27, 2012

Here are a couple more come back tomorrow to see some more.

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Last week I shoot one of my high school friends wedding.  It was a fun little wedding in Payson, UT.  We shot at Memorial Park, Payson Bible Church and a meautiful yard in Santaquin.

See the whole wedding galler here

We started at Memorial Park with the bride and her brides maids

After the girls left we brought in the boys.


Today I had a really fun shoot with my friend Alexa.  As most my shoots usually go I hear like 5 hrs in advance come shoot me haha.  One of her friends writes articles about cars and gets a different one each week.  Well this time he got a new Chevy 2011 Camaro.  So boom there we are with Alexa, I and the Camero.  The Rain was kind of lame most of the day so we weren’t sure how it would go but it let up just for long enough.  I only got like 30 mins with Alexa and the Camaro but I think we got some great pics.


Recently my photographer/model group went to the Orchards at the Utah State Hospital.


I did a great spur of the moment session with Mark and Holly at BYU campus last saturday.  It was a nice day until it started snow lol.  But we finished up just as the snow started.  This location was like a block or two from my house, everyone has great locations near them you just have to look.

Mark and Holly are such a fun couple they go well together.


Utah Lake Visit

April 26, 2011

Some of my Photographer friends and I got together and did some totally awesome off camera flash practice.  I would like to thank Jess of Picture me mine photography for organizing it.


I recently went up Hobble Creek with a lovely model Ashtyn Mackey.  We had a lot of fun, she was super fun and laided back and knew how to take direction.  She even climbed on a crazy model pile in the middle of the river.  We had some great times.

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