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Peace Gardens Bridals

June 3, 2013

Last week I did some gorgeous bridals at the International Peace Gardens in Salt Lake. Lisa Nielson did some gorgeous hair and makeup for these.  Mikayl is super gorgeous isn’t she?

See the whole set here

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I did a great spur of the moment session with Mark and Holly at BYU campus last saturday.  It was a nice day until it started snow lol.  But we finished up just as the snow started.  This location was like a block or two from my house, everyone has great locations near them you just have to look.

Mark and Holly are such a fun couple they go well together.


I found this article on the International Society of professional wedding photographers blog.  You can read more at

Here is the article summed up.
Myth #1  “I need to provide a list of wedding photos for my photographer to shoot throughout the day”
Myth #2 “Wedding photojournalists don’t take formal portraits”
Myth #3  “It’s better to have two mediocre/inexpensive photographers than one excellent/expensive photographer”
Myth #4 “You can’t get any good pictures on a rainy day”
Myth #5 “I’m having my wedding pictures taken for free by Uncle Bob because he just bought an expensive camera. I’m sure it’ll be fine.”