Smugmug Pro

March 11, 2010

This blog is my review about Smugmug an image hosting site. Here is a link to my smugmug here .

Features that I love.
1. Easy of Use
2. Ease of Customization
3. Watermarking
4. Unlimited Photos, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Bandwith, pretty much unlimited everything
5. Printing directly from BayPhoto
6. Not having to deal with print orders.
7. Awesome customer support.
8. Smugs Smugmug Member User Grougs.

The customization of smugmug is not super hard especially with their easy customizer thing. I did most of my customizing with that. Also if you want to do some advanced customizing you can get help in their forums.

The customer support is super awesome really great stuff. They don’t have phone support, they do it all by email, though you get an email back super fast like in an hour or two, rather then a day. All my questions have been answered promptly. Just asked a question now.

The SMUGs are super awesome. This has given me a place to meet a lot of cool photographers and network. We have lots of fun at our SMUGs. You can find more about them at

You should try Smugmug for sure. They have three different levels so something useable for everyone. If you use this code at checkout you can get $5 off, I8V1zNnjMEGD6.

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