Here are some sayings from some of my favorite photographers, Scott Bourne and RIck Sammon

1. The name of the game is fill the frame. (Rick)
2. When in doubt, leave it out. (Scott)
3. Light illuminates, shadows define. (Rick)
4. Before shooting, look up, look down, look all around (LUDA).(Scott)
5. Make pictures, don’t just take pictures. (Rick)
6. The camera looks both ways. (Rick)
7. Don’t photograph the world as it is, photograph the world as you’d like it to be. (Scott)
8. 99% of all lenses are better than 98% of all photographers. (Scott)
9. Where light and shadow fall on your subject – that is the essence of expression and art through photography. (Scott)
10. Beware (be aware of) the background – it can make or break a photograph. (Rick)
11. When you think you are close, get closer. (Rick)
12. See the light, explore the light, control the light and play with the light. (Rick)
13. I hear I forget, I see I remember, I do I understand. (Rick)
14. SAS – Subject Attention Simplify (Scott)
15. EDFAT – Entire Details Focal Length Angle Time (Scott)

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