The Moab Journey

May 26, 2009

On Memorial weekend some of my friends and I made a journey to Moab, UT. We started planning the trip on Wednesday. Justin Hatch, Justin Myers, Jason, and I had planned on going on the trip. On Thursday we went to Costco to buy the food. Justin H paid for most of it so that was pretty sweet. We left for Moab around 2:00 on Friday, for some reason Justin H was unable to go so we had an abundant amount of food.

We got to Moab about 6:00 on Friday. We drove around town looking for campsites and did not really wish to camp in RV campgrounds. We then made the decision to go to Arches to see if there were any spots left in the park’s campsite. But there were no spots left, so at the visitor’s center they told us what our options were.

As we left the town to go back to the park I saw this great bridge crossing the Colorado River. So I decided that I would take some pictures there. Here they are.

One of the options was to go up near the river and camp at some BLM campsites. We soon left the park then traveled up the road near the river to see our options. We slowly drove by the campsites seeing what was available. After driving up the road we soon found that the campsites were packed. What were we to expect it was Memorial Weekend? We returned to the second campsite were there was one that was empty but had been reserved for the weekend. So we talked to the camp host, who was this great old guy from Texas, he said he thought that they were probably not coming back but if they did we would have to move or share it with them or something.
Here are some pics from the camp site.

It was about 7:30 when we started to set up camp. We had forgot a few things so Jason went back to town to buy the stuff. As he was going back Justin M started prepping the food to make fajitas and I made a cobbler. We did not have dinner until about 9:00. A fire came around soon after than. It was not a very large and grand fire, it was actually quite a lame sauce fire, it sure did not help that we had forgot a hatchet. When it got later I decided to take some long exposures but they did not turn out so grand.

We woke up at about 7:30 the next morning. I cooked breakfast burritos they were ultra tasty.

Well I am really tired right now I am just going to post some more pics and then Ill write more later.

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